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Flick to Click

If you have a product catalogue and an e-commerce websiteyou could be missing out. Flick to Click is our Marketing concept that takes hyperlinking to the next level, sending customers straight to the product on the catalogue to the product on the website, with every click tracked all the way to the checkout!

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Bosch Siemens Homegroup Flick to Click e-brochure First Response Supplies Flick to Click e-brochure The Handpicked Collection Flick to Click e-brochure
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Appended links are required for Flick to Click to work, and we can set these up for you, or you can do it yourself - get in touch and we'll tell you how or read the blog...

Roger Martin wrote an interesting piece on the >> flick to click marketing concept on his blog which explains how to do it for your brand. If you have any questions just call us on

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