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Page Flip Mobile

Mobile is a cost effective option for your Page Flip e-brochures which allows the pages to load on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Without Mobile when users try to view the e-brochure they will be presented with this message:

Standard title text

This is either due to incompatiblity of the mobile browser or Flash not supported by the device. Page Flip e-brochures are Flash based which specifically Apple mobile devices does not support, but with Page Flip Mobile the pages of your e-brochure are displayed.

Rename links title tag

Plus if you have the iBooks App installed on your iPhone you can view it from there and store it to the bookshelf.

The below e-brochures have Page Flip Mobile applied to them - View them from a mobile device to see how it works:

Mobile Example 1
Mobile Example 2

Page Flip Mobile has been optimised for use on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Upgrade Existing If you already have a Page Flip e-brochure and would like this option adding please this button
Or if you are yet to purchase a Page Flip e-brochure make sure you ask for this option to be included when ordering to avoid customers being unable to view your e-brochure content

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