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Alternative Skins

1. Choose a Skin...

Customising your e-brochure starts here with choosing a skin. Different Skins change the layout, look and positioning of the icons, and each have their own unique benefits. Don't feel restricted by their default colour scheme though, you can change this to whatever you want.

Default Simple Skin

Default Minimalist Skin Default Dark Skin
Simple Skin Minimalist Skin Dark Skin
Default Blank Skin Default Standard Skin Default Dark Skin
Blank Skin Standard Skin Text Skin

2. Choose your colour scheme

Choose any Hexadecimal colour for the Background and Toolbar* to customise the Skin to look however you want. The possabilites are endless!

Hexadecimal Colour Chart Customised Dark Skin Customised Simple Skin
Example Hex Colours Example 1 Example 2
Customised Standard Skin Cusotmised Dark Skin Customised Text Skin
Example 3 Example 4 Example 5

3. Effects & Extras...

Now you have your customised skin, looking stunning, why not tweak it a bit further with one or all of these effects...

Page Reflection Effect No Page Shadow Effect Zoom Navigation Box
Page Reflection No centre fold shadow Zoom-Nav thumbnail
Rotate Controls Radial colour fill effect tilted effect
Rotate Controls Radial colour fill Tilted view

4. The next step...

To take your customisation to the next level add your Branding with a Logo or Wallpaper image! Click here to find out more.

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*Not available on the Standard or Blank skin

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