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1. Add your Logo...

Having your company logo on the e-brochure is a simple but highly effective way of making the e-brochure look like your own product, and reinforces your brand identity on the e-brochure.

You don't even have to be constrained with your logo - you can use any image you want! So if you have a special offer, or a particular message you want to promote, putting an image beside the e-brochure could be the ideal solution.

There are 2 positions your logo can be loaded in:

Toolbar Logo



Side Logo



Some more examples of what can be achieved by adding your logo...

Page Flip Branded e-brochure example 1 Page Flip Branding e-brochure example 3 Page Flip Branded e-brochure example 2

2. Add a Wallpaper...

A wallpaper is an image that loads on the background of the skin of the e-brochure, opening up endless possibilites of customisation! Use a solid image covering the whole background, or part of the background, or use a PNG image with alphatransparency and opacity to blend the image into the background colour.

Page Flip Wallpaper Example 1 Page Flip Wallpaper example 2 Page Flip Wallpaper example 3
Page Flip Wallpaper example 4 Page Flip Wallpaper example 5 Page Flip Wallpaper example 6

Wallpaper added to an e-brochure is the ultimate in customisation and has few boundries. The wallpaper does not fill the whole width of the background so it may be best to apply a feather effect to the edges of the image to blend into the background colour.

A wallpaper cannot be set on a Standard Skin, and the image size is recommended to be 1280 x 1024 pixels, 72 dpi, and jpg or PNG format*.

Combining Branding with a Customised Skin is the ideal match of add-ons to create your own unique Skin - Click here to view Alternative Skins

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*We can create a background image for you, or amend an image you supply for a small fee - contact us for details

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