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Customise your e-brochure

Customise your e-brochure

Page Flip e-brochures are highly customisable with a vast range of options to transform their look, feel and usability.

To learn more about the Page Flip Features and the level of customisation you can achieve with a Page Flip e-brochure simply click the icons below.

Customising Features

Take your e-brochure to the next level, and set yourself apart by customising your e-brochure with this range of Customising Features.

Click the icons to find out more...

Alternative Skin – customise the look and feel of your e-brochure with a different skin or background colour. Options available are: > Any Background Colour <> Dark skin <> Blank Skin <> Minimalist Skin <> Simple Skin <> Page reflection <> No centre Fold Shadow <> Gradient Colour <> Hide Instructions Panel <> Hide Sidebar <> Drag-flip pages <> Rotate the page <> Background Image <
Your Branding – Add your company logo or image to the background of the ‘skin’, enhancing your brand on the e-brochure.
Contents Links – We setup internal links within the e-brochure that take users from page to page, ideal for the contents page allowing users to get to the section they are most interested in. Internal links can be setup anywhere within the brochure to take users to any page.
Area Based Hyperlinks – Areas within your e-brochure can be linked to a web address, taking users from the e-brochure to the website. Ideal for adverts within the brochure!
Flick To Click – The ultimate way to drive traffic and boost sales! We link products within the e-brochure to your e-commerce website with appended URL’s which are fully tracked through to the checkout, giving you complete ROI analytics.
Alternative Skin
Contents Links
Area Hyperlinks
Flick to
Embed Video – Embed video into your e-brochure either on a page or as an overlay when clicked. Video speaks a thousand words and is great to get a message across and engage your users.
Embed MP3 – Music file is embedded with an icon set to a specified point within the e-brochure which when clicked will begin to play and a overlay control box will appear allowing the user to control the music.
Embed Animation – Animation embedded into a specific page or area within the e-brochure, getting your message across in a creative and eye catching way. Provide your own or enquire for prices for us to create animation for you.
Email Broadcast – We can combine your e-brochure as part of an effective and customised email campaign to promote your exciting new marketing tool to your customers. Enquire for more details.
Analytics Data – Either a analytics report can be provided monthly by request, showing users information such as time spent viewing, pages clicked, country and city of users etc. The e-brochure is fully compatible with Google Analytics and can easily be integrated with your website analytics, or we can set this up for you for a nominal fee.
Video Embedded
MP3 Embedded
Animation Embedded
Email Broadcast
Analytical Reporting
PDF Download – Adds an icon on the side control bar allowing users to download the PDF version of your e-brochure.
Rollover Visualisation – We can either set specific areas within your e-brochure so when the mouse rolls over them they zoom 200% centrally with the rest of the e-brochure blurred for enhanced clarity. Or when the mouse rolls over the set area, a separate item (text or image) can zoom 200% centrally showing additional information not on the e-brochure.
Alternative Language – The control panel language can be changed to either a single alternative, or multiple languages can be inserted with a dropdown option for users to select the desired language. 7 languages are currently available, or you can supply the text file for any other language.
Offline Authoring
Offline Authoring
Language Versions
EXE files for CD/USB
SWF files to Self-Host
Password Control Vetical Flip Auto Page Turn    
Password Control Vertical
Auto Page Turn    

Included as Standard

Page Flip e-brochures come packed full of Standard Features that makes the user experience enjoyable and engaging.  With every e-brochure you get all of these features:

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The Thumbnail icon on the side control panel brings up an overlay with images of each page allowing the user to quickly flick throughout the e-brochure
Our e-brochure technology ensures that they not only look good, but they also load in double quick time and have the best flipping-page animation
Standard Skin - Each e-brochure is set on this Standard Skin with all Standard Features by default. See Additional Features for ways to customise the Skin
we can provide you with an HTML index file which your web team can use to embed the e-brochure into a directory of your website. A URL link is also provided which allows you and your users to use to view the e-brochure.
Print - The print icon loads an overlay with all pages, tick the boxes for the pages you want to print. This option can be removed if not required.

Fast Load Times

We are confident that our prices are the best around, representing great value inline
Right-click on a page you want to remember, then when you navigate away you can click the Bookmark icon on the side control bar and a list of all bookmarked pages will display so you can quickly get to that page.
Zoom into your e-brochure up to 400% for a crystal clear view
Search - Type the word you want to find, and every page with that word on will display on a thumbnail overlay which you can select the page you want from.
Send to a Friend - Enter an email address and message to email someone you want to inform about the e-brochure.
Zoom up to
Search the
Send to a

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