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Now you have sucessfully purchased your Agency Solution you are ready to get started offering your clients e-brochures and increasing your revenue.

Bookmark this page as you will use this every time you want to send PDFs to us for conversion, find out Customise prices and to top up with more pages.

Upload Files for conversion

Use this file uploader to send your PDFs to us - Please include the following information when uploading:

- Email address
- Your Name
- Company Name
- instructions (any Customising Feature etc)
- is it a Free Sample?

Please Zip all files associated to a clients e-brochure into one zipped file!

From the files supplied and instructions provided we will now create the e-brochure and email the link back to one of the registered email addresses within a few hours.

You can then forward this to your client for them to view and sign off. When you instruct us to Finalise the e-brochure, page credits will be deducted from your account.

Please Note: Amends or replacement pages required to a finalised
e-brochure uses 2 page credits per page that are 'unlocked' plus the cost for any options added (i.e. video, hyperlink etc).

Agency Solutions Customise Prices

The cost of these options are deducted from your page credits with the value shown below, or they can be paid for separately via card payment. These prices are only available to agencies that have purchased an Agency Solution.

Click the icons to find out more...

Customised Skin Customised Skin
40 page credits
Learn More...
Animation Animation
20 Page Credits
Learn More...
Contents links Contents Links
1 Page Credit per link
Learn More...
Rename Links Rename Links
1/2 Page Credit per link
Learn More...
Video PDF Download
5 Page Credits
View Example...
MP3 MP3 Playback
10 Page Credits per link
CD/USB offline files CD/USB Files
130 Page Credits
Send to friend advanced Send to Friend Advanced
28 Page Credits
Read More
Languages Languages
10 Page Credits
50 Page Credits to add new language from translation supplied
View Example...
Auto Page Turn Auto Page Turn
5 Page Credits
Video Mobile Viewer
20 Page Credits
Learn More...
Video Video
28 Page Credits
Learn More...
Hyperlinks Hyperlinks
1 Page Credit per link
Learn More...
Flick to Click Flick to Click
2 Page Credits per link
Learn More...
Rollover Focus Rollover Focus
3 Page Credits per area
Learn More...
Analytic reports Analytic Reports
Annual: 55 Page Credits. Month: 7 Page Credits per report View Example...
SWF Self Host files Self Host files
Upload files to your sever to self host your brochure.
Password Control Password Control
10 Page Credits
View Example...
e-brochure Effects e-brochure Effects
No Cost

Default Features

All e-brochures are supplied with this range of Default Features which makes the user experience enjoyable and engaging. Any toolbar features can be removed if required.

Click the icons to find out more...

Video Default Skin
All e-brochures have this skin applied by default
Video Zoom
Zoom into the e-brochure for a closer look up to 400%
Video Bookmarks
Quickly navigate back to pages of interest within the e-brochure
Print Print
Allows users to print pages from the
Thumbnails Thumbnails
An overlay loads showing small images of every page
Video Search Engine Indexed
The content of the
e-brochure is indexed
Video Send to Friend
Send a message to someone you know of the e-brochure link
Video Website Integration
File supplied to allow the e-brochure to load under your domain URL
Video Sticky Note
Users can add sticky notes to pages and write on them
Video Search
search words within the e-brochure

Top up with more pages

Running low on page credits? Click one of these solutions to top up your account with more page credits...

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